Songwriting Collaborations (2018-)

. . .

Music & Storytelling With Algy B

This summer I started a musical collaboration with Algy, finding out how our different musical backgrounds could meet, while connecting to our love of ancient myths and stories, multicoloured rhythms, rituals and games. We began to dream up new mythical beings, lands and soundscapes..

Inspired by our summer nomadic travels around this little British island, we are collecting and weaving new songs and soundscapes together with guitar, flute, synths, samples and loops, moving image and dance.  Watch this space!

Jan Lee – vocals, flute, synths
Algy Behrens – vocals, guitar, percussion

. . .

Improvisations With Stuart O’Connor, Haco & Friends

We came together over a few sessions to devise this album which was filmed and recorded in real-time.  Stuart provided the rocks of the composition – his songs, and we navigated through the spaces in between them, improvising and ebbing and flowing with the tide. Things became crystalized as time went on, and the whole album was performed live at Impact Theatre, captured by an audience, film and sound. Watch this space for more to come.

Stuart O’Connor – vocals/guitar/synths/piano
Sam Willoughby – drums
Jan Lee – piano/flute
James Harrison – bass
Haco & Jara Tarnovski – vocals/soundscapes