Individual Somatic Bodywork Coaching Sessions

What is it?

The intention within a session is to invite you to connect to your own strength and abilities, so you can use them in different situations in your life. This is achieved by using a combination of empathetic touch and creative, constructive verbal communication. An individual session lasts typically between 60-90 minutes and can be a sporadic session, or happen in a series of regular sessions.


Working as a musician, dancer and performance-maker, I am fascinated with body awareness and the communicative power of touch, to learn about ourselves and each other.  These things are a basic human need, yet so neglected in our education and society today. We may still engage in physicality and touch, but we may not be encouraged to connect it deeply to our thoughts, feelings or ideas. The body can remain repressed, mystified, inaccessible or unspoken.

In BODYSPOKEN sessions, I want to flip this around. Here, we tap into our bodily intelligence while exploring verbal communication. Working with both can give us clarity, strength and empowerment into our personal goals, challenges and desires in our life.

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