Moving On Traces (2021)

During lockdown, I have been part of the international collective of artists Exit Map to facilitate Moving On; a regular outdoor and spaced out dance practice in Bristol – on the Clifton Downs. This was active in 2021 right up to the end of the restrictive social measures of Covid-19. For many, it was a lifeline, and during these isolating and socially distant times, we were able to safely continue to connect with our bodies through movement, creativity and expression, with the help of the voice of dance artists and the awe-inspiring outdoors and nature.

As a dancer and musician, I co-created the audioguide journey in April 2021’s Moving On Traces. It was an insightful and joyful collaboration, working with the wonderful artists: Alice Labant, Irene Fiordilino, Laura Doehler, Algy Behrens.

What is Moving On? 

Audio guides that you can take outside, that tickle your senses and pour elixir on your imaginative mind to make your body move. It’s meditative but it makes you feel the aliveness of nature and that its roots are anchored deep inside of you. Since 2022 we have now created a resource on Spotify of our guides, which you can access whenever you want. Proceeds are shared between the artists and team. Some tracks are free.

Find out by clicking on the link below!

link to spotify