Contact Improvisation Research Lab : Non-Class + Jam

Facilitated by Yasin Hussain, Jan-Ming Lee, and Co*


This Research Lab is a ‘Non-Class’ and is aimed at dancers and movers who are interested in deepening their CI practice. It aims to encourage self-directed learning. You are facilitated to drop into your curiosity, be open to what arises, and carve out your own specific questions of interest – solo and collectively. The last section of the event will open out into a jam that is open for all, including those who didn’t attend the research session.

For details on sessions coming up, click here:
Non-Class + Jam: £12
Drop-in Jam: £4
Please book in advance to secure a spot. For details see facebook event links above.
*Are you a dancer or mover who is also an experienced facilitator?  We are looking to build and grow our pool of facilitators.