Being In Touch (2023)

Do I touch to get?

Am I in touch?

Does my No make way for my Yes?

Where is our shared future? Where is our shared Yes in this?

Can ‘being in touch’ help us form a bridge to understand our differences?


Watch the performance on the video on this page… turn on the speakers to hear our voices!  Or visit this link to see subtitles: Performance with subtitles

Read the full text/references of the performance here:

Conversations (in bright colours)

Conversations (on white for better visibility)


“Being in Touch” comes out of a long-term practice with Contact Improvisation. Myself and Laura Moy are both part of a loose collective of dancers in Bristol who practice together. Contact Improvisation is a dance that emerged out of the 1970s in the U.S. and my interest currently is in digging deeper into the martial arts aspect of it, which the original dancers used to evolve the form (Aikido, Tai Chi).

In sharing the dance in performance, we realised how it was less about showing a perfect end product but of allowing the whole practice to be witnessed transparently.


Concept and sound design by Jan-Ming Lee
Text and movement by Jan-Ming Lee & Laura Moy

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