DRIFTing in Brazil

July 2015 I travelled in Brazil, immersing myself into different environments, sounds, languages and ‘body spaces’… first working at a residency researching sound and movement installation in the mountains in Vera Cruz and sharing the work at the Gargarullo Theatre in the mountain town of Miguel Pereira, Rio. I then drifted around Bahia hiking in the stunning national park of Chapada Diamantina, and doing a spot of guerilla performance here and there, around the markets and urban parts of Salvador!

The ongoing performance research continues under the name of
Waiting for a Grain of Sand to Leap into the Air

Can we feel the shape of a sound pixel in our body?

DRIFT Collaborative Residency with ZU-UK digital theatre company- I worked in a group of 7 artists all exploring theatre, performance and digital technology. I developed ideas for a performance installation, experimenting with creative and feedback processes.  We shared a new sketch everyday for artists. A public sharing at the end of the project invited local audience into the space, playing with living stories in the air between each other, ‘feeling’ sound and encountering a space that speaks.

 Interactive sound/dance/participatory installation residency and performance, Rio, Brazil. (Co-Director, Co-Creator, Performer) in collaboration with Tim Murray-Browne.


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