The Expanding Web of Life (2010)

The Expanding Web of Life was a project I led for 6 weeks to forge an expanding community of performance artists together, to exchange and share their wishes in life, to use and share their skills to contribute to the public life and space, to really make a difference in enriching human connections and interactions around us. We worked weekly in different spaces in London, each guerilla performance led by another artist. The project culminated in ‘Game’, a celebratory public performance on Regents Canal where the audience – our friends and our strangers- were invited to participate in.



Here’s a game for you, next time you are out boogie-ing…

Nose Game for 2 players  Play in a trendy bar, with loud music and a dancefloor.

1 Be on the dancefloor
2 Stand facing your friend
2 Point your finger at each other.
4 Have a duel fight with your fingers by trying to press your friend’s nose button.
5 You’ll win if you get to press their nose.
6 You’ll win if they don’t reach your nose.
6 Bonus Win- Have a duel fight around a group of people standing on the dancefloor (they’ll love it)

1 Trust yourself and your finger
2 Trust strangers and their noses
3 Try to press as many stranger’s nose buttons as you can, while not bumping into anyone or injuring them, or spilling much of stranger’s drinks.
4 Play duels with strangers who play back.

More Tips
1 Be aware of others and the space around you always.
2 Do it in a way so that stranger’s get your game.
3 Acknowledge strangers for being part of the game at the end (for example, handshake, say thanks, smile..)

Discovered by Jan Lee and Kate Sagovsky in trendy bar in Dalston