My Voice as a Resonating Body

I have often reverted to practices of breath and voice to return to my body; to stay engaged in my body; when my habit can be to disassociate from my body.

This class can offer a way in to first simply feel the resonance of our voice, and the power of our engaged body – and the resources to hear ourselves without judgement.

In this class…

…We will hum, vocalise, and use our voice to resonate our body. We will work sometimes with earplugs* to mute our sense of hearing to help us feel our inside resonance.

…We will free up our voice through movement and/or our sense of touch.

…Vocalising will become a somatic resource that lets us stay engaged with our body, while our sounds travel across the distance.

…We will play with using our voice as a gift to the space, while learning to stay with our body and engaged in the immediate moment.

*please bring your own earplugs (some clean spares available, please ask).

To book and for more info, please email me, at

Photo Algy Behrens