Movement Alphabet (2016)

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Movement Alphabet combines interactive technology with one-on-one participatory performance to challenge the disembodiment of our digital lives. You are invited to explore the personality of the moving body, the lifetime of experiences, choices and habits entwined into our every physical gesture. How can we express our identities online beyond selfies and status updates?

Immersed in a translucent pod, individuals have their ‘movement portrait’ taken, while on the outside, viewers can watch as a 3D imaging system renders movements into a visual portrait through a process akin to a calligraphy of the whole body.

Created by Jan Lee & Tim Murray-Browne in a residency at GAS Station, using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Live Experience Design and Direction – Jan Lee
Code, Visuals – Tim Murray-Browne
Performers – Jan Lee, Fabiola Santana
Producer – Tadeo Sendon
Dramaturg – Neus Gil Cortés
Screen Design – Ciarán Grogan
Mentor, Creative Consultant – ZU-UK
Studio Assistant – Megan Sands
Website Code – Daniel Lopez