Workshop / One-To-One Sessions: Voice as Energy

~ group workshops and individual one-to-one sessions ~


“My voice focused session with Jan was a journey through the depths of my inner worlds …a balance of integrating … with a grounded reality.

She was very attuned to my needs and feelings. I enjoyed that she could adapt to what came up… keeping the right direction and focus” – participant


I offer workshops and individual sessions that empower participants to reconnect imaginatively to their voices and vocal sounds, that can be accessed from different parts of their body.

Helping you to inhabit your body and shared space with others, through combining an approach of movement, voice, breath, imagination and self-reflection.

~ Prepare your body through energy work combined with fascia work and undoing habits of breath

~ Explore your voice from an inner world through poetic imagery, inner characters

~ Self-reflective processes through touch or verbal exercises with Jan or other participants

~ Explore the play of speaking words with less censorship and inhibition, enjoying the ride of pitch, tones, rhythms as dynamic movement and multiple layers of meanings

~ The work combines with creative practices such as dance, contact improvisation, music improvisation, songwriting, creative processes for performances, personal/group therapeutic processes, multilingual explorations


Get in touch to tailor this work to specific needs or processes for your education program, festival, jam or individual therapeutic work.


Past workshops I’ve led with similar elements include:

P.I.E. Paris Improv Evenings, Improvisation Exchange Leeds, Somatics of Sound @ University of Bedfordshire, Forum on Embodied Practice @ SIB dance lab, Foley Lab @ Chisenhale Dance Space


‘Saaii Laaa’ research/healing work relating to the Cantonese and English language systems



Photo of Waterfall: Algy Behrens
Photos of participants in Jan’s workshop within Forum on Embodied Practice @ SIB dance lab