Music One-To-One Sessions: Piano / Flute

Jan has been teaching music individual lessons since 2008, with students of diverse backgrounds and ages.

She studied Piano and Flute at the Royal Academy of Music from 1996-2003, and has a Performance Diploma in Piano.  She also has played music for dance and  theatre productions, as an accompanist for singers, and in collectives fusing music, dance and theatre in London, Bristol and Beijing.

As an artist she has a passion to develop creativity as a form of inclusive and alternative education for all. She is inspired by her multidisciplinary background in music, song, dance theatre, and somatic body awareness. Her lessons are fun and dynamic, as well as supportive and sensitive.

She is influenced by her Alexander Technique education as a musician, which looks at the way you use yourself to play your instrument in the most efficient and sustainable way for the health of your body and mind.

She welcomes students with disabilities and has experience teaching individuals with autism and fine motor disability.

Children under the age of 6: General creative music sessions with various percussive instruments (supplied) accompanied with a parent or carer

Children age 6 and above: Piano  or Flute : 30 minutes / 45 minutes / 1 hour

Adults: Piano (beginner-advanced) or Flute (beginner-intermediate) : 1 hour

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