Mmm Bop & Other Love Songs (2019 -)

See, I want to love ya, I want to love and treat ya,
love and treat ya right – Bob Marley, IS THIS LOVE

I want to ask YOU, about your earworms, your pop songs, your love songs that have stayed with you through your life, that haunt you, excite you, confuse you, make you cringe…

And to listen together to these songs, and to open up a space to talk our personal stories of intimacy, love and wanting to belong.  And to celebrate something that is universal – the longing to be understood, and to be loved. And with all the contradictions, expectations and restrictions that also hold us back.

I want to see how this might open up intimate conversations that matter… creating shared experiences that really listen to each other’s personal longings, stories and dreams, with fresh ears, open eyes and soft body.

MmmBop & Other Love Songs has offered its services at The Green Community Centre as part of an event by Exit Map collective in Nov 2019; during encounters with strangers on nomadic travels through Belgium, France, Italy during August 2019; researched in a residency in Studio 307 with Accumulations in March 2020; and as participatory performances at an Artists Creative Lab I ran in Sept 2019.

You can read a little about my personal journey, and listen to a selection of the love songs here:

LINK: blog and love songs, click here