Dance Improvisation Training

a series of classes/workshops in 2022


dance improvisation

instant composition

priming our imagination

voice improvisation

witnessing solo & ensemble



These sessions aim to hone our dance improvisation skills as solo and ensemble, witnessing each other; through different ways in –

These include spatial tuning of ourselves and each other, imagination and impulse, body memory, musicality and rhythm, voice improvisation in relation to movement, energetic and tactile awareness with surfaces, atmospheres and other humans.

Level: all welcome – everyone who wants to enquire and attend to their body-based skills through space, and a curiosity to witness each other and be witnessed

The next sessions will resume in the Autumn.

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Artwork by Algy Behrens – see more at instagram: @algy_behrens

Photo: practicing improvisation with ‘Space and Words Collective’ at Moving East, London