Bespoke Movement Workshops

I collaborate with organisations and groups to create bespoke movement workshops around specific themes or aims of learning.

If you are interested in having a chat about developing a workshop for you and your group, don’t hesitate to contact me on

Here are some workshops I have recently co-created below.

Body As Home: Leadership (for university students)
co-created with Ania Varez

Explore, through embodied explorations, what leadership can mean? What qualities within your sense of leadership, explored through tactile and spatial relationships, are meaningful to you?  Oxford University

A Gentle Practice of Joy (for university students)
co-created with TIM LYTC

Practice gentle and joyful ways to tune into your physical senses, to process and digest any intellectual discussions of your day. Play with offering gestures to each other, with each other, as a collective body. Oxford University

Sensing Body
co-created with Laura Moy

Watch our video on the right : turn on speakers to hear our voices!  Albany Centre

Uses of Anger (for people of global majority)
co-created with Omikemi

Anger, like other emotions, offers vital information about what is important to us and can be a potent force for the changes we want to create. CCA, Glasgow

Bodywork into Dancing
co-created with Jayne Peake

Exploring with one partner the details of the quality of touch, reaching into and through each other’s spaces to provide the foundation for trust and listening. Bristol venues

Somatics of Sound

Organising our body to be open to vibrations as it contacts another surface, like a plant, or the air of a forest; a space where both listening and expressing might merge into each other. Emerging Hearts camp

Artists’ Home Lab

Facilitating a making space for a group of artists to own more of their process and share it with more satisfaction. A basic element of the lab is facilitating a return to an innate perceptive ability to feel oneself and others without filters. Artist’s homes, London