ZU-UK (2016-2017)

Dinner Date (2016)

Created by ZU-UK, this was a dinner date for two audience who may not know each other, inside a shipping container. I played W, the waiter for the two participating audience, whose character and story is based on the Buchner play ‘Woyzeck’, a soldier at the edge of his sanity. The piece combines binaural audio with live performance to create an intimate 2-on-1 experience. This was performed as part of EoE16: Economies of Experience 2016.

Good Night Sleep Tight (2017)

Audience members are put to bed in pyjamas; through Virtual Reality headsets, they experience both bedtime and the immediate cityscape via unexpected perspectives. I played one of the three Ammas, the ‘real’ element of the performance, taking them backward to their childhood using performance and tactile interaction. Performed at Gerrys Restaurant, as part of Theatre Royal Stratford East.