Touch, Movement and Wellbeing : Workshop for Bubble Pairs

Easeful ways to move together with your friend, family or partner who is in your support bubble

In this workshop we welcome back our basic human need for touch, and our curiosity to share space, weight and movement with others. We’ve been learning how and when to share weight with others from the moment we were born.

We come back to this inquisitive innate ability we were all given – to learn, discover and choose how to be in connection with each other.

Let’s tune into the nuances of touch and gravity, and find healthy easeful ways to move our bodies together.


How does it work?

Come in a pair with someone who is in your support bubble or household, so you can move in physical contact with them. This could be your partner, a friend or family!

You’ll be guided through warming up your own body, and play the game of sharing weight in your pair, learning how to come in and out of each other’s surrounding spaces safely.

Through a sense of wellbeing you’ll practice how to be physically alert while giving yourself permission to explore your whole body senses through touch and space.

There will be games to mindfully tune into each other’s unique body and expression, as well as respecting and learning each other’s limits. We will have some time for moving together to music, and some breaks in between to rest or reflect.

There is no need to have experience of any particular movement or practice. Please bring layers of warm clothing, a bottle of water. We’ll work in barefoot, or you can bring soft indoor non-slip shoes to wear.

You can choose to sign up as one pair, or up to three separate pairs. The current maximum number of participants is 6.

To book or for more info, please email
All workshops adhere to government guidelines for Covid-19.

Photo (cover) Tim Murray Browne, (below) Enzo Mercedes