This Floating World (2015)

In collaboration with Tim Murray-Browne (coder). Endlessly sensing each other: the human, the camera and the digital living environment. I choreographed this dance solo performed in an interactive environment of computer generated visuals and sound. The piece was performed at at Arebyte Gallery, The Place, Tripspace, No. 90 Bar and Live Performers Meeting in Rome. It was also adapted into a participatory installation, exhibited at TedX Teen, Indigo O2, January 2016.

“startlingly emotive and natural” – Lilia Prier Tisdall (Resolution! 2015 Critic)

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This Floating World is a duet between a dancer and a 3D camera. More than screensaver chic, the stage is reincarnated as a force field of music and visuals within which Jan Lee’s careful movements – all emanating from a controlled pulsing crouch – are mapped in real-time. Conjuring prehistoric cave drawings, star constellations and aerial cityscapes, the piece drives towards its crescendo with an intensity teetering on the dogged. In the final moments, Lee hangs with her arms above her head and the layered images dissipate like the cloudy wisps of a just blown dandelion. A startlingly emotive and natural end to a piece with technology at its core, showing just how much you can do with clarity, control and computer programming. – Lilia Prier Tisdall, official Resolution Critic

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Photo Chantal Guevara