Striking Chords (2021-)

Striking chords is a group piece by Marie Chabert that weaves the fabric between the poetic, the somatic and the performative by exploring fascial awareness and biotensegrity in dance.


In particular, we attend to the body and inter-bodies’ relationships as living architectures following the laws of tensegrity, such as seeing the body and the composition of bodies in space as compression elements floating in continuous tension.


Through redefining our understanding of biomechanics as a holistic interdependent system able to adapt and differentiate depending on its use, we redefine and question our position in the world, our roles and identities amongst a group of individuals.


You can follow the creative process at Marie’s website


Choreographer: Marie Chabert
Composer: Mike Picknett
Dancers/researchers: Marie Chabert, Zoe Solomons, Jan-Ming Lee, Josephine Dyer, Maya Takeda, Ellie Chick, Pete Guy Spencer, Tara Pollitt, Olivia Walton, Helena Clark

Photos: Pete Guy Spencer