Sonic Dancer (2021)

Movement Artist Silvia Carderelli-Gronau and Computer Scientist Swen E. Gaudl have been developing a sound based framework that enables dancers to move and improvise with each other from different locations, creating a network of presence, connection and touch beyond the visual sphere.

As a dance artist; drawing from my working experience of both movement and sound; I’ve been collaborating with the team to test, explore, develop and present the work as it evolves.

For me so far, this project sheds many dominant ways that media and education teach us to experience things. When we experience ‘sound’ in this project, we are actually talking about how we as bodies are part of creating the space in which sound resonates or moves. It’s an active process rather than one which we ‘consume’ or are forced to listen to. I especially love the project’s mission of using the tools to help people connect remotely to the presence of their loved ones. How do we feel and meet another person’s unique qualities; their personality – through sound – through space?

Sonic Dancer can be experienced in these ways coming up:

Sonic Dancer CPD Workshop
A dance + technology exploration for dancers interested in how movement and sound could interact.   Sat 13 November, 13:00 – 15:00

A year on from our Dance & Technology Forum, join dance artist Silvia Carderelli-Gronau and computer scientist Swen Gaudl who are exploring how movement can be represented as sound. In particular, what would happen to your own movement if you could sense and hear others in your physical space when they are not actually there? Of particular interest to creatives who may be visually impaired, ‘Sonic Dancer’ takes place in a physical and digital space simultaneously. Come and discover this fascinating multidisciplinary process for yourself…

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Sonic Dancer Open Sharing (60 minutes)
Sat 13 November 15.00 – 16.00

Following our experience both on and off screens during the pandemic, Silvia and Swen wanted to investigate how we see and interact with each other remotely/online. The result is “Sonic Dancer” – the digital representation of movement for our eyes and ears.

Silvia and her team invite you to their novel virtual and physical space where you will see professional dancers work with the new technology they have developed.

Suitable for anyone curious about how movement may be represented in sound and vision.

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This project has been developed in partnership with ACE, The Studio, Bath Spa University Dance Department, Plymouth University and SWCTN.