Artists’ Lab: Deepening Creative Process

This lab is about facilitating a space for individuals to develop their self and creative practice so they can own more of their process and share it with more satisfaction. The intention is to lay the ground to let one’s vital energy be restored and reunited with their creative processes. A basic element of the research is how to facilitate a return to an innate perceptive ability to feel oneself and others without filters. I seek to provide a trusting, empathetic and compassionate environment to tap into one’s energies so that it might let you go with more boldness to riskier deeper places for creativity and personal engagement. 

My starting point draws from a mixture of somatic approaches, felt anatomy, authentic witnessing and play. One significant influence is The Pantarei Approach which is a body-based approach using empathetic touch and verbal communication to support one’s unique strengths and intentions in life. Other influences come from diverse tools during my creative process in the performance worlds.

I am really curious to find out how this lab can help keep alive a full palette of creative energies for an artist or maker. I want them to thrive in a world and industry that may challenge or dampen one’s core personal drive to express and create.

Available as creative facilitation for projects, collectives or companies – get in touch!

Photo Mafe Toledo: Vanio Papadelli’s installation, Autumn 2019 ‘Home Lab’