Performance for the Imagination (2011)

This was an installation I created that subtly took over the empty spaces of Dalston Roof Park, using the simple powers of posters, DIY glue, and words that play with perception.

Commissioned for the launch party event of the Dalston Roof Park, ‘The Future is Now’, it was a gentle nudge for any eyes that ran across the posters to search for an awareness of the moment.

Words around the Roof Park:

Do nothing for now.

Wait for me in an empty space.

I long to listen to your memory.

Am I already in your story?

Begin when you’re ready.

You move to turn around my sentences.

Don’t stop thinking at the edge of yourself.

We immerse ourselves in our vision.

Stay ready between our silences.

Drop into our attention.

Their absence pulls you in.

Carry on in your story.

Fall into our silences.

Carry this moment for now.

Do what you don’t notice.

Did I start without you?