Non-Class research lab for Contact Improvisers hosted by Yasin Hussain and Jan-Ming Lee

These sessions are a space for student’s of CI and adjoining practices to research into the body, outside of the framework of teacher led classes or Jams.
They are lightly structured and facilitated by one or two students amongst a peer group of 3-10 participants. (*Either Yasin Hussain or Jan-Ming Lee will facilitate, or one of you!*- Please get in touch in advance of a session if you would like to do this.*)

Please note, participants should have a base line of experience of Contact Improvisation or adjoining practices which work with physical contact and sharing weight.

Booking: We currently have spots for up to 8 participants for each non-class research lab. Please book a space in advance by emailing to make a payment.
Cost: Sliding scale between £5 – £10
Location: Space 238, Easton


We also want to offer students an opportunity to facilitate a session as a method of sharing their knowledge or to further explore their own practice via guiding others. Through this CI can evolve from its intersections with other disciplines, encouraging and instilling new forms of exploration. This opportunity empowers the student base with some of the valuable qualities rooted in teaching without having to become a teacher. We aim to support facilitators in what they need for their session and offer a portion of financial income for their creative input.