Music For Dance/Theatre Improv and Silent Films (2011-)

I improvise music and soundscapes on my keyboard, flute, voice, toys, loops.

I have improvised for many Contact Improvisation Jams including for Freiburg Festival, London Contact Improvisation, DanceDigital, UK National Jams and London New Year Jams.

I have also collaborated with artists who lead improvisation workshops, including playing for the Roy Hart Voice-Body Residency Intensives (2011-2013) in the mountains of Montpelier, run by Margaret Pikes (founding member of Roy Hart Theatre) and Neil Paris (Fabulous Beast).

Many more collaborations amongst others include silent film nights with Rucksack Cinema, theatre improv company Playback South and choreographer Rhiannon Faith.

I find ways in as a musician to support and infuse energy through spaces of jam, workshop, lab or performance.

Elements that inspire me can include my physicality while playing, rhythms that contrast or provoke spatial connections between performers, the particularities of timing and expression of a singer or actor, stylised music to add another dimension to the scene… I like to use both seriousness and humour, and to challenge, and experiment with what is needed in each moment.

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