(held in many layers, my ancestors, yours) (2022-)

My ancestors are in my blood

Their blood is dance – TIM LYTC


When is the party where all our in-sides will meet and gather together around the fire? – Jan-Ming Lee


Dancing at home. Seeding the practice space as a resource for unknown. Tending to the space, respecting distance, welcoming curiosity. Letting the space become alive, a witness, a resource. Listening to the cycle of needs, through letting ritual and practice come in its own time.


Coming together in the studio, spending time to share our ancestral stories and images. Creative responses as openings to enter back into a future practice.


Held in many layers of containers over 8 months so far, there is an organic spaciousness where we can barter with our ancestors (and each other). Offering and asking for something in return. An exchange that feels real that connects us to our ground.


How will it be as we continue to weave our practices together – our process of making this collective ritual? What are the junctions of our shared realms?



This collective practice research was born from Night Time Rituals with My Ancestors (click to read)
It is a long term ongoing project that is taking its time to co-create further layers of holding for more dancers, artists, practitioners, humans, beings and their ancestors to join the party.


+ + +

Thank you Gather Up for funding research time between 2022 – 23

Photos: Drawings by TIM LYTC and Jan-Ming Lee

For more on TIM LYTC (they/them) visit http://timlytc.ctcin.bio/     @tim_lytc