FOLEY LAB: On Dancers Becoming the Music (2015-2016)

Foley Lab was a regular research laboratory for dancers, on the intertwining of music and dance, through the lens of performance, presence and composition.

Between December 2015 and June 2016 I was experimenting with dancers on creating new forms of expression using musical structures and the timing of intentions as a way into creating a form of music driven by physicality and the ‘playing’ of things.

With an ethos of autonomy, we drew inspiration from scores to facilitate hybrid forms and foley artists who perform sound effects for film using everyday objects.

We used voice, props or instruments as tools to dig deeper. This research builds on my ongoing work integrating movement and sound in different performance mediums, including dance theatre, music improvisation and interactive installations for a participating audience.

Foley Lab was supported by Chisenhale Dance Space Allotment and Music Composition as Interdisciplinary Practice network.

Visit the FOLEY LAB BLOG here to see what happened in each lab!