A podcast conversation on empathy and technology

Recently I spoke with XR producer Harry Silverlock on his podcast about dance and technology. We spoke about underrepresented communities, and disembodiment amongst many things…  I relished the challenge to open up and speak out on this medium, because conversations on these topics are important; I also wanted to contribute my ideas and lived experience to bring more diversity to the voices already out there.


We talked about why spaces of empathy and trust are important to carve out, in these times of technological advances, isolation and disembodied culture.

We wove in and out of speaking about my work collaborating with coder Tim Murray-Browne; and on my visions of how technologists and dance artists could invite each other into their worlds even more.

To hear our 30 min podcast click here:  Podcast | harrysilverlock


Photos: (main) coder Tim Murray-Browne and myself working together on an installation, DRIFT, Brazil; preparing for a performance in No. 90 Bar, London; rehearsal at Syracuse Studios

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